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How Many Spins Should You Play on a Slot Machine?

For many players, slots are the preferred casino games to play. They have interesting themes, are innovative, often have exciting features, and have potentially large cash prizes up for grabs. But are there any secrets to winning slots? 

This blog post will explore how many spins you should play on a slot machine, what a random number generator is, and whether bet size matters in casino slot machine games.

Does a Slot Machine Have a Set Number of Spins Before You Win? 

No, slot machines do not have a set number of spins before you win. You could spin the reels of a slot once and land a win. Equally, you could spin the reels 40 times and not have a win at all.

Wins on slot machines are determined by a random number generator (RNG). The RNG is a small computer chip inside a slot machine that determines the outcome of a spin. It works continuously and creates thousands of number sequences every second. 

The number sequences created are completely random. When you click the spin button and the reels stop, the RNG will generate a random sequence for you which you will see on the reels. Each spin is entirely random. This also explains how the number of spins you play on a slot machine is irrelevant to whether you win.

Every spin is random; each is an independent event and has no bearing on subsequent spins. It’s important to know that online casinos have no way to rig RNG slot machines, and there is no way players can cheat. Certain rules and measures are put in place to ensure safe and fair gambling for everyone.

Is It Better To Play on One Slot Machine or Move Around? 

As we just mentioned, playing real money slots is entirely random, so it is not necessarily better to play on one slot machine than move around and play several.

If you are playing an online slot and have had several losing spins, moving on to the next one may be worthwhile, especially if you are no longer enjoying that specific slot. However, in terms of winning, it makes no difference unless moving to a different slot game entirely that has different stats such as Return To Player (RTP) and slots volatility.

Ultimately, it’s your call if you want to stick to one slot machine or want to change and move around; there’s no harm either way, as your chances of winning are no different, providing it’s the same specific slot game.

What Is The 5 Spin Slot Method? 

The idea behind the 5 spin slot method is that by playing 5 spins on each machine and moving around, you are supposedly more likely to win.

For this method, you first have to choose your slot machine. Then, select your bet. Place up to 5 bets, but if you lose a bet, stop playing and move on to the next slot machine. Making 5 bets is apparently considered enough for the slot to give you a taste. Once you have got a taste for one slot, move on to the next so you can try them all.

There is no proof that this strategy works. The 5 spin slot method does not work because of the RNG. The RNG ensures that all slot machine outcomes are random, so it doesn’t matter if you spin once, 5 times, or 100 times; the chances of landing a win remain the same. 

Is It Better To Stop a Slot Machine or Let It Spin? 

You may have heard that stopping the reels on a slot machine can increase your chances of a win. This is not the case! Whether you stop the reels or let them spin makes no difference.

Stopping the reels does not affect how a slot is played or what the results will be. If you stop the reels, it is your choice and will not change the outcome. By doing this, you have essentially ended the spinning earlier than expected.

Whether you stop the reels yourself or let the reels spin, the slot game will remain random as a random number generator is used. Whether you stop the reels or let them spin is entirely up to you. Bear in mind that doing this does not affect your likelihood of winning.

Does Your Bet Size Matter on Slots? 

If you knew you were going to win - which is impossible to know - on a slot machine, you would probably bet more as you would win more. However, in reality, this is not how slot machines work. With every spin, you do not know whether you will win or lose as slots use an RNG which determines your outcome.

The minimum and maximum bets you can place differ from slot to slot. There are some slots where you can bet from just £0.01 and some slots where you can bet up to £100 or more with every spin. It is your choice on how much you bet. Remember that placing large bets with every spin will quickly eat up your bankroll. If you want to prolong gameplay, betting small may be best.

So, does bet size matter in slots? Does placing a maximum bet give you better odds of winning? No. Bet size makes no difference in whether you win or lose. It affects the size of a win, should you land one, since a payout of 50x your stake of £10 will be a lot more than 50x your stake of £0.10. However, it does not affect the chances of landing a win.

How Much Money Should You Put Into a Slot Machine? 

If you are new to playing slots online, we recommend starting with small bets. Choose slots that allow you to make a small bet per spin. Doing this will mean you can extend your bankroll, continue playing for longer, and get to grips with how to play than if you went straight to placing high bets.

At the end of the day, it is entirely your decision on how much money you bet on a slot machine. Some prefer to bet low so they can extend their gameplay; others may prefer to bet high.

Whatever amount you choose to bet, always make sure to bet what you can afford. Set yourself a money limit for your gambling session, and stick to it. If you have a budget of £20, you could spin 20 times at £1 per spin, 10 times at £2 per spin, or 40 times at £0.50 per spin. 

Please gamble responsibly.