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Is The Lottery Rigged?

Is The Lottery Rigged?

If you haven’t won a prize in the lottery, you may be questioning whether it is rigged. Lottery games are games of chance, so everyone has the same chance of potentially winning and losing. Not winning does not mean that the lottery is rigged. 

This Wizard Slots blog post will explore how we know the lottery is not rigged and how it is truly random.

Is The Lottery Rigged? 

It’s clear to see that the lottery is not rigged, as there are so many winners every day. You’ve probably seen many articles online of real-life lottery win stories, proving that people can and do win the lottery. If the lottery were rigged, these stories wouldn’t exist.

Even though many winners choose to stay anonymous, you can see that people win if you go on the National Lottery website. For each lottery game, you can see the number of winners, including whether anyone has won the top prize in the last 180 days.

How Do We Know The Lottery Is Not Rigged? 

There is no reason for the lottery to be rigged. The National Lottery is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and operates through the Camelot Group. 

There would be no reason for The National Lottery to go against the terms set by the UKGC as they would have their licences removed and would not be able to operate and earn the amount of money they do.

Another reason why there would be no need for The National Lottery to “rig” their lottery games is because they can make money from ticket sales. Their most popular game is the Lotto draw. On average, they sell between 15 and 45 million tickets. When they are selling that many tickets and making so much money, it does not logically make sense for them to rig lottery draws.

Is The Lottery Truly Random? 

Lottery numbers are drawn at random using an air system. Every number you can choose for a particular lottery game is written on a ball. These lightweight balls are put into the machine, and as they are so light, they bounce around.

After a short amount of time, one of the balls will begin to fall and roll towards the bottom, where the number will get read. This system makes it impossible for the lottery to be rigged. The machine's air constantly makes the balls move around, so it is impossible to know what numbers will be drawn. This means the lottery draw is truly random every time.