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Jackpots To Play Online

Jackpots To Play Online

In the 21st Century, there are plenty of reasons why the tens of thousands online gamblers worldwide love spinning those hallowed reels. From the remarkably impressive graphical content available, through to the outrageous themes and bonus features, there really is something for everyone in the online casino world of today. Really though there is only one prevailing reason why people play slots, and that’s because of the jackpots on offer; let’s be honest.

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As a result of their ever-increasing popularity, many online slots developers are now able to offer more and more eye-watering prizes, which, in turn just makes them even more popular. And guess what happens as a result of the even bigger popularity? That’s right, even bigger prizes. It’s a circle that just gets better and better, subsequently, the fruit machine jackpots available to play online are getting exponentially more superfluous. To be hitting the right ones what you really need is a guide to fruit machine jackpots to play online. Well, without further ado, let’s get into one. And after reading, why not play these slot games?

Mega Moolah Jackpot Slot 

If you’re looking for a tried and tested online slot that can potentially be incredibly lucrative you shouldn’t look much further than the iconic Mega Moolah slot from critically acclaimed developers Microgaming. As its title implies, Mega Moolah is a game that is strictly geared towards massive jackpots, and it really does not disappoint in its pursuit of this. The main reason being that it is a progressive jackpot slot game, meaning that the jackpot increases with every losing spin made. But that’s not all either; Mega Moolah is part of Microgaming’s extraordinary Progressive Jackpot Network, this means that it is linked with thousands of online slots across the world. As a result that jackpot can regularly exceed 5 million dollars, pretty good that. If you need help, here's a guide to play progressive jackpots and win!

Mega Fortune Jackpots Game

Another online slot with a title that aptly describes its mission statement is Mega Fortune. Why don’t we guess what NetEnt were aiming for when they designed Mega Fortune? A hugely lucrative prize obviously, it’s not rocket science. This game focuses on the lives of the affluent elite, with a variety of symbols to match. With a name like Mega Fortune, it would be a scandal if this slot didn’t have a progressive jackpot, and NetEnt definitely does not disappoint here. Play it enough and you could end up with a prize that sends you straight into the upper echelons of society.

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Well Of Wonders

Well Of Wonders stands out as perhaps the best title in the new breed of exhilarating 3D slots flooding the market these days. Whilst it does not include a progressive jackpot it is still a highly lucrative game to play, especially when you get your head around its wonderfully innovative gameplay. Unlike almost all other examples on the market, Well Of Wonders does not work on the traditional reel-based format of most other online slots. Instead, the symbols float out of the enchanted well that is the game’s namesake – an intriguing twist on a layout that has become perhaps even too well trodden.

Excalibur’s Choice Jackpot

Excalibur’s Choice by widely renowned developers Barcrest falls under this bracket, providing an early 00s style game that offers the chance to take up to 5000x your bet on one individual spin. Now that makes for a seriously lucrative jackpot, only right for a game that takes King Arthur’s mythical sword as its theme.

Wheel Of Fortune Game 

Wheel Of Fortune started out its life as a physical Las Vegas slot machine, gaining fans far and wide as a result of its tendency to pay out incredibly large jackpots. Over the years IGT has converted it into an online slot, and now its popularity is larger than ever. Due to its status as a progressive jackpot fruit machine, Wheel Of Fortune regularly pays out over a million dollars, ensuring it definitely becomes a fruit machine jackpot to play online. The action revolves around a big spinning wheel that echoes that of the popular television programme, the only difference is that there is a much larger amount of money on offer here!

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Saturday Night Live

Another classic fruit machine jackpot can be encountered during play is with the iconic Saturday Night Live series that has become an absolute bedrock of Bally Gaming’s back catalogue. The base jackpot here is £10,000, a figure that can be underwhelming when you compare it to some other progressive jackpot slots. However, Saturday Night Live is bursting with special bonus rounds and features, for example, the Wayne’s World round that can result in a win of 15 times your initial stake. Moreover, the title is often part of an area network; therefore the jackpot can increase very quickly and by quite a lot of money.

Mega Joker UK Jackpot

The online slot world gets seemingly more wacky by the second, with an abundance of titles nowadays that are based upon exponentially more bonkers themes. With this in mind, it can be nice to play a good old classic slot once in a while, and you won’t find much better than Mega Joker. Its aesthetic is retro and nostalgic, but the potential jackpot on offer is far from dated. Mega Joker has an RTP of 99% when you bet with the higher denominations available, and it means that you are never too far from a win.