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What Happens If a Casino Loses Power?

What Happens If a Casino Loses Power?Experiencing a power outage while in the middle of your favourite casino game can be unsettling, especially if you do not know what is going to happen to your credits.

In this blog post, we will explain what happens if a casino loses power, what happens during a casino machine malfunction and what happens to your winnings. We will also examine whether casinos keep track of your winnings.

What Happens To a Slot Machine When The Power Goes Out? 

Casinos, like all establishments, need power to operate, especially machine-powered games like slots. Therefore, slot machines will likely shut down if the power goes out.

However, casinos tend to have a backup generator or another source of power that can kick in within seconds or minutes of the power going out and restore the machines. Unfortunately, this can disturb games in progress and may affect your gameplay.

Fortunately, with today's advanced technology, some slot machines can save your current game and pick up where you left off.

What Happens If a Casino Machine Malfunctions?

If a casino machine malfunctions due to a power outage, there is a high probability your game will be restored when the power comes back. 

For example, if you had just loaded the machine with credits and it shuts down due to a power outage, the machine will boot when the power comes back on, and your credits are likely to still be there.

However, if a casino machine shuts down because of a malfunction unrelated to a power outage, things may not be as easy as rebooting. Most slot machines have the term "malfunctions void all pays and plays."

That means, should the slot malfunction in the middle of a game, any bets or wins you may have made during the game may be voided. You could talk to the casino personnel to see if you can recover your bet or remaining credit, but if a win has just occurred, this will be void.

The reason may be that if a slot machine malfunctions, there is a chance the winning combinations formed because of the malfunction. Therefore, they do not represent a true win; hence, it is void.

What Happens To Your Winnings During a Powercut?

Unlike a slot machine malfunction, a power cut does not void your winnings. So, if you made a winning combination just before the power went out, you are likely to receive your payout as soon as the power returns.

Most slot casinos are designed with a backup power that can kick in as quickly as the power goes off. Some are so fast that the machine does not even go off, or the players barely notice.

Whatever the case, you will likely receive your winnings and resume your game where it left off. But, in a worst-case scenario where the machine does not boot back up, or it takes too long for the power to be restored, you can call the casino personnel to help you out and resolve the situation.

Do Casinos Keep Track of Your Winnings?

Yes, casinos do keep track of your winnings. While a casino is a place of entertainment for the players, it is still a business place, and all the money going in and out has to be tracked to accurately measure the success of the games they offer as well as the casino as a whole.

Another reason why casinos keep track of your winnings is to enhance your gaming experience since this can give an indication of which games are popular to players and why. Additionally, keeping track can help with loyalty and rewards programs.

The tracking is also for the players' benefit and safety so they can see how their session is going and make decisions on implementing any limits or ending their session.

Therefore, casinos have sophisticated systems that help keep track of all the winnings and losses. However, contrary to popular belief, this tracking system is never used to limit players' wins or block them from having winning streaks.

Winning is determined solely by the Random Number Generator (RNG), and casinos cannot do anything to influence this.


While a casino power outage can temporarily disrupt your gameplay, it is not the end of the world and can be solved quickly so you can resume playing. However, in a case of a malfunction unrelated to a power outage, the slot machine malfunction will void all pay.

If you are not sure whether your slot machine is malfunctioning or not working due to a power outage, you can talk to the casino personnel for clarity.Please gamble responsibly. Remember, gambling is intended as a form of entertainment, not a way to make money.