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What Is Slingo? (And How To Play It) Full Guide


You have probably heard of bingo and slot games. Now, imagine if the two combined and made one exciting game. That is what Slingo is.

Slingo is a popular online game combining slot machines and bingo elements. The game is typically played on a 5x5 grid, and the objective is to try and match the numbers on the grid with the numbers that are randomly generated by the slot machine. 

In this guide, we will explore some technical aspects of Slingo, including how the game works, how to play it, and how you can potentially win. 

What Is Slingo? 

Slingo is a unique online game that is a cross between slot games and bingo. The game is generally played on a 5x5 grid, with each square on the grid containing a number. The numbers on the grid are randomly generated, and you must try and match them with numbers on a single reel, resembling a slot machine. 

The slot machine reel can be located at the top or bottom of the screen, and displays five numbers at a time. To begin a round of Slingo, you must spin the slot machine by clicking the "Spin" button. Once the numbers on the slot have been revealed, you must try and match them with the corresponding numbers on the grid. If you make a match, you will cross off the number on the grid.

As you match numbers, you will begin to form potential lines on the grid in the form of rows, columns, or diagonals. If a line is completed, it is referred to as a "Slingo" and earns you a payout. 

The more lines you complete, the more payouts you may earn. In addition to matching numbers, you can also earn payouts by landing possible special symbols on the slot machine reel. These symbols could include jokers, which you can typically use to check any number off on the grid, and potential super jokers, which you can also use to match any number on the grid, including uncovered numbers that may earn you potential bonus points.

However, like video slots, not all Slingo games are the same. They may come with a different set of special symbols, or none at all. To check the list of available symbols before playing, you can read the game rules and or have a look at the paytable.

Slingo is available to play on various gaming platforms, such as online, mobile or even in physical land-based casinos. Additionally, Slingo games can come in various themes. For example, you can find Slingo games that are based on popular TV shows, movies, or even sports teams. 

How Does Slingo Work? 

Playing Slingo can be relatively simple. First, you must select a game and set your preferred bet amount. You can find a selection of Slingo games in our games library at Wizards Slots, including the popular Slingo Rainbow Riches, or the entertaining Slingo Lucky Streak slot game. 

After that, you can spin the slot and try to match numbers on the grid. You can spin as many times as you want, but each spin requires a certain bet amount. As you match numbers and potentially complete lines, you can earn payouts equivalent to the game’s paytable. You can also potentially earn bonus points by landing special symbols that the slot machine may offer. In addition, you may earn even more payouts by matching certain combinations on the grid, such as a full row or a full column.

The game can continue this way until all of the numbers on the grid have been matched, or you run out of spins.

Different variations of Slingo are available to play online, but the basic gameplay usually remains the same. Some variations include Slingo games themed after TV shows, arcade games, and scratch cards.

How Do You Play Slingo? 

You typically play Slingo on a 5x5 grid that is filled with numbers. The numbers on the grid are randomly generated and can be any number ranging between 1 and up to 75, respectively. 

To begin the game, you need to spin the slot to generate a set of numbers. If the number generated by the slot machine matches a number on the grid, that number will be marked off. Then, you spin the slot machine again and try to match more numbers on the grid.

If your chosen game offers the joker features, you can potentially use them to help match numbers on the grid, if they pull up on the slot. Depending on the game, you can also get the devil symbol, which can usually take half or all of your points. But again, you can read the game’s paytable to see the different types of symbols it may offer, such as an extra spin symbol, blocking symbols and more!

How Do You Win Big on Slingo?

Like all casino games, Slingo is a game of chance. Therefore there isn't much you can do to guarantee a big win. However, there are some potential strategies you could employ. Below we will look through some of these strategies:

Know when to use your jokers

Jokers can act like wild symbols in Slingo in that they can typically replace any number on the grid. The only difference is that you choose which number you want to replace.

So, use this card carefully and strategically choose which number to replace. However, this still does not guarantee big wins, but it may help you complete lines or columns.

Choose games with bonus features

In any online casino game, a bonus feature can be attractive as it may be potentially lucrative. 

To attract more players, some Slingo games are created with bonus features. Though you may need to land certain numbers or symbols to trigger the features, choosing a game with bonus features could potentially increase your chances of winning big.

Fill all the lines

In Slingo games, you typically have to fill lines to receive a payout or points. Most of these games start paying out if you have filled at least 4 lines. But, to get the most out of a Slingo game, you usually have to fill all of the lines, something called a Full House. 

This can be extremely hard to achieve, but it is not impossible, and can potentially yield the biggest payouts.

Which Slingo Game Is Best?

Many different versions of Slingo are available online, each offering unique features and gameplay. Some popular versions include Slingo Extreme, Slingo Riches, and Slingo Showdown. 

  • Slingo Extreme was developed by Slingo Originals. You can potentially earn extra points for completing multiple lines at once, and there are also special power-ups and Free Spins bonuses available. If you complete a Full House, you can potentially win up to 500x your stake!
  • Slingo Riches is a more traditional version of the game known for its classic bingo-style gameplay. It is also known as the original Slingo that set the motion for all other Slingo games. This version could be a great option for players who are new to the game.
  • Slingo Showdown is a multi-mix version of the game, where you can enjoy a combination of slots, poker and bingo all in one. This Slingo game could be a good fit for you if you enjoy a somewhat competitive and social gaming experience, offering lots of characters and features.

Slingo FAQs

Is Slingo Still a Thing?

Yes. Slingo is still very popular among casino game players. In fact, it is just starting to gain traction, and a lot of punters are choosing Slingo games.

What Is The RTP on Slingo? 

Slingo games usually have an average Return to Player (RTP) rate of 95%, or potentially higher. For example, Slingo Starburst has an RTP rate of 96.66%!

Who Created Slingo?

Slingo was created in New Jersey, USA, by Sal Falciglia in 1994.

What Sites Can You Play Slingo On?

Slingo is a popular online casino game that is available to play in most online casinos. You can log in or sign up with Wizard Slots casino to find the best Slingo games like the following titles:

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.