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Best Ways To Win At Casino Slots

Best Ways To Win At Casino Slots

Playing an online slot opens one up to endless possibilities, they need only be willing to play to be within the running! There are countless ways that one can come out on top in free slots — some which are a hell of a lot easier than others — so sit down, relax, grab a brew and get ready to learn a thing or two! 

An Intro to Slot Machines

If you are someone considerably new to the world of slot machines then this will definitely be the article for you. Slot machines have only grown in popularity over the years as technology has gotten better. There’s no telling where the industry will go at this point, but if one thing is for sure, we hope we’re around to play whatever the next evolution is! 

Slot machines can be intimidating depending on the game in question — this is something that you will come to learn once you’ve read what we have to say and have a better understanding of what you’re getting yourself into. Players should know that patience is one of the biggest tools required to come out on top — don’t go thinking that you will simply waltz into a slot and win cash in it, because you won’t. 

Some of you out there will simply want to play for the fun of it, which is 100% fine, it’s just that there is money just lying there on the table in some cases, waiting to be picked up, and some slot machines are incredibly simple to get the hang of, so why not try your hand at earning a bit of cash rather quickly, like why wouldn’t you? 

Strategise Your Slots

A few people will believe that to beat a slot machine you have to earn boat-loads of cash without spending a lot, this is an incredibly stupid way of looking at things if you care about your bottom line. The goal in any slot is to strategise and play right if you are looking to win big money. You hear stories all the time where someone has spent all their money and didn’t draw a dime, this is because they went in with no plan. 

The first thing we tell anyone is to go in with a set budget in mind that works for you and you alone. Having a limit to your bets will sharpen your mind in knowing when enough is enough and when you can play your luck on a series of hot streaks. Bide your time wisely and play smart — if you know that larger bets haven’t come through for you all night then just play it safe and go for a much lower amount. 

Gambling addictions are serious, and those that burn their money away in slot machines are normally those that aren’t strategising and have no clue about time management or budgeting. If you are serious about making money here then the best thing you can do is make a spreadsheet, one that keeps track of your wins/losses. Keep track of your w/l average and you should be able to make responsible decisions that will help once you spin. 


Right now there must be well over a thousand slot machines for you to play online, and we can guarantee you only play around five! Having favourites is fine and all, but the definition of insanity is repetition. If you find that a certain slot just isn’t working out for you, then there is no shame in moving on to something else, something that you might have never played before to win cash!

Life is far too short for one to play the same game day in and day out, and there are just so many slot titles out there for you to choose from too, some that could become instant classics for you, you’ve just not played it yet. Developers like NetEnt and Microgaming have plenty of great slot machines for you to try, so what’s the harm in spinning them a little? 

Practice, Practice, Practice 

The practice is key is what they always say, and that’s because it’s true. Honing your skills on the reels will only come through experience, this isn’t something that you can pick up from the outside looking in. How do you think some of the veteran online slot gamers got to where they are? We can guarantee they’ve spent hours behind the reels getting a feel for the games they’re spinning. 

Know that some slot games out there do allow you to play for free, meaning you can practice in these areas without any high stakes. Alternatively, you can go onto any search platform and look for free slot machines and you should be able to find games worth training with. Your slot training can be as vigorous as you choose — again, especially if the slot machine you’re playing is free. 

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Utilise the Slot Games Autoplay Mode 

You’ll find the autoplay mode in every slot machine you come across nowadays, a feature that essentially passes the controller over to the games CPU which will play for you for as long as you like. This is an alternative way of beating a slot machine, albeit a rather strange one since you are not involved in the decision — try to keep in mind that you are keeping all the money won here despite someone playing for you. 

We find that utilising the autoplay mode will help whenever you want to just get a feel for the slot machine you’re playing too. One of the major things that throw people off their game is the gameplay and how the reels turn. With autoplay, you can watch how the game reacts to wins and losses without feeling pressured to make the next move, nifty, right?