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What Is a Combination Tricast Bet & How Do They Work?

What Is a Combination Tricast Bet & How Do They Work?

A combination tricast bet is a wager that adds an extra layer of complexity and potential rewards to the traditional tricast bet in horse racing and greyhound racing. This betting type opens up more opportunities by covering every possible order of finish for your selected runners.

What Is a Combination Tricast Bet?

A combination tricast is a type of bet where you try to predict which three selections, typically horses or greyhounds, will finish in the top three positions in any order. 

This bet type is an expanded version of the standard tricast bet, which requires you to try to predict the exact order of the first three finishers. By allowing any order of finish, a combination tricast bet provides more chances to potentially win, albeit at a higher stake cost.

How Many Bets Is a Combination Tricast?

A combination tricast bet effectively places six individual bets. 

The logic behind this is to try to account for every possible outcome of your three selected runners finishing in the top three positions.

Let's illustrate this using an example:

Suppose you pick three horses: Horse A, Horse B, and Horse C. The six bets that make up a combination tricast are:

  • 1st Horse A, 2nd Horse B, 3rd Horse C
  • 1st Horse A, 2nd Horse C, 3rd Horse B
  • 1st Horse B, 2nd Horse A, 3rd Horse C
  • 1st Horse B, 2nd Horse C, 3rd Horse A
  • 1st Horse C, 2nd Horse A, 3rd Horse B
  • 1st Horse C, 2nd Horse B, 3rd Horse A

As long as your three selections are the first three to finish, in any order, you have a winning bet.

Combination Tricast Example

Let's use a real-world example to illustrate how a combination tricast bet works.

Assume that you've selected three horses - 'Thunder', 'Lightning', and 'Raindrop' - to finish in the top three in a race. You place a £1 combination tricast bet. Because a combination tricast comprises six bets, your total stake will be £6 (£1 x 6).

Here are the six combinations your bet covers:

  • Thunder, Lightning, Raindrop
  • Thunder, Raindrop, Lightning
  • Lightning, Thunder, Raindrop
  • Lightning, Raindrop, Thunder
  • Raindrop, Thunder, Lightning
  • Raindrop, Lightning, Thunder

If these three horses finish in the top three, in any order, your bet wins.

How Much Does a Combination Tricast Cost?

The cost of a combination tricast bet depends on your unit stake and the number of selections. As each combination counts as a separate bet, the total stake is the unit stake multiplied by the number of combinations.

For a combination tricast with three selections, there are six possible combinations. Therefore, if you place a £1 combination tricast, the total cost of the bet will be £6.

Difference Between Tricast & Combination Tricast

The key difference between a tricast and a combination tricast lies in the flexibility of the order of finish. A tricast bet requires you to try and predict the exact order of the first three finishers. Conversely, a combination tricast allows for any order of finish for the top three positions.

Another distinction is the cost. A tricast is a single bet, while a combination tricast consists of several bets, increasing the total stake.

What Happens If You Have a Non-Runner In a Tricast?

In the unfortunate event of a non-runner in your tricast selections, the bet is usually adjusted according to the bookmaker's rules

Typically, a combination tricast with a non-runner becomes a combination forecast on the remaining two selections. If two runners are non-runners, the bet generally reverts to a single bet on the remaining selection.

Before placing a combination tricast bet, it may be best to understand your bookmaker's rules regarding any non-runners. This ensures you're fully aware of the potential outcomes and can make informed betting decisions.

To conclude this Wizard Slots article, a combination tricast bet can be an entertaining and potentially rewarding betting option, especially for experienced bettors who have a strong understanding of the field. However, due to its complexity and higher stakes, it may not be the best choice for everyone. Always consider your knowledge, risk tolerance, and budget when placing such bets.

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