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How To Win At Online Slots

How To Win At Online Slots

In the old days, people were playing online slots games in the casinos only when taking a break from the ‘more serious gambling activities’ or when they tried to kill some time waiting for their friends to finish their gaming. Even today when people talk about their casino experience none ever starts rumbling about how much they won on slot games, neither what a great time they had playing.

This holds true due to the association of slot machines with older people who were playing for hours or even days straight – appearing to waste their time; however, the rise of the online casino industry has shed some light into this activity and what actually makes it so addictive and fun – despite common beliefs. One of the most popular questions on the Internet today is how to win at online slots, which we will be exploring in this article.

Understanding How A Slot Machine Works

Firstly, it is important to distinguish between slot machines of the past and those that are dominating the market today - if you want to learn how win at online slots.

During the 80s the video slot machine revolutionised the industry as a whole, since casinos decided to fill about the 80% of their indoor space with these; this was not a random or miscalculated move – but merely a response to people’s demand.

Back at that time slot machines were quite basic with 3x3 pay line structure which could only offer a relatively low amount of prize money. However, as the development of these games kept improving – each slot machine offered a huge variety of slot games distinguished in terms of their graphics, gameplay, cost/reward bounds, music, colours etc.

How to Win at Online Slots

Winning at Online Slots vs Traditional Ones

Casinos did not stop there though; following the rise of the World Wide Web all industries got affected since many activities moved to the digital sphere. Likewise, people could find a huge amount of games (paid or free) to spend their time playing on the Internet – which alerted casino providers.

The end result was the rise of both online casinos, which include a similar range of games to traditional casinos, and of gambling websites, which offer players a single game to play.

One of the differences in regards to traditional vs online casino slots is that there is a much greater variety of games and of betting options. Some slot games offer a £25 per spin option, which clearly highlights how mistaken people who disregarded the validity of this activity as pseudo-gambling were.

Playing to win UK Slot Games

Playing a casino game and winning at it are two completely different things. However, there are certain things one can consider in order to increase their chances of winning – which I will try to clearly outline in the following paragraphs and help people find out how to win at online slots.

Deposit Bonuses Importance 

Traditional casinos offered players free drinks or meals upon sign up. Things have massively changed with online casinos though.

Each time a new player sign ups, online casinos and gambling sites offer them free money to play on specific games, free bonus spins or a bonus amount of money according to their first or five first deposits.

Either as an older or new player you should not miss out of these, since they offer you the opportunity to win money without even risking your own. However, in my opinion the third option is clearly the most beneficial one, since some websites offer 100% bonus to a deposit of up to £300. To get the picture of how big this is, a website used to offer the same bonus up to £600 and went bankrupt.

Free Demo Slots vs Real Money Games

Most online casinos have established this unique option for their customers, which is great for both old and new players.

Each of their games offers a free to play and a real money option, allowing players to see whether they like the graphics, the gameplay and the feel of the game without spending any of their money.

As a tip I would suggest that you also check how often the slot pays back and how large are the amounts before you invest your money in it.

Demo Slots

Set A Bankroll to help you win at Online UK Slots

Before starting investing real money it is important that you set a limit on the money you are willing to spend and a cap regarding the amount that you are aiming for.

This is the mistake that most new players commonly do, ending up trying to win some of the money they have lost in the past by betting irresponsibly. This is the best strategy if you want to go bankrupt. You can learn how to game responsibly here.

However, if you consider how much you are willing to lose and how much you are hoping to win – you will then be able to stop playing at the right time, irrespectively of the outcome. This strategy also aligns itself with the idea that you can’t go and bet on one slot machine £10 and expect to win; instead invest all your bankroll in one game at a time, betting a static sum of money per spin on it and sit back and enjoy.

RTP, RNG and Loose Video Slot Games

The myth of loose slot machines is merely a myth, which can be debunked by the other two words included in the title above.

Random Number Generator (RNG) is an algorithmic system which ensures that each subsequent spin is random to the ones that came previously. What does this mean? That intuitions and perceptions that the slot machine is ready to give money are completely fictitious. However, it also illustrates that if you just won a huge amount of money from a slot machine – this does not mean that the following spin can’t reward you a similar amount. But, is there a way to beat the RNG of slots? The simple answer is no.

Return to Player slot (RTP) is the last thing that I am going to mention in this article and the most important one; each slot machine is developed with a set algorithm which dictates how much of the money earned will be returned to the player. Online slot machines usually range from 70% - 99%, which illustrates that casinos are not apparent merely to rip people off – which is a fact that the most experienced players and now you know. Head to Wizard Slots to deposit on our online slots games today!