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 Yggdrasil: What are the best slots to play online?

Yggdrasil: What are the best slots to play online?

Malta-based developer Yggdrasil is known throughout the online gaming industry as one of the most experimental developers walking the face of the earth; how they have gotten to this point can be seen in their company timeline. Making the right decisions in the online gaming industry can be incredibly difficult, as one false move can cost you everything; ironic when you consider how some of their games play don’t you think? But, Yggdrasil have managed to have a huge amount of success, delivering some of the best slot games to play currently.

The company opened their doors in 2013 and have only grown exponentially in the process; the tree found in their logo appears to get bigger and bigger every time we look at it come to think of it. If this is your first time discovering Yggdrasil Gaming, then we have got you covered as we will be looking at the top casino slots games from their extensive catalogue.

Vikings Go Berzerk Slot

One of, if not the most known game in the Yggdrasil pile, Vikings Go Berzerk is one of the most played online games in the world right now with good reason: It has a high RTP percentage and all of the symbols found in this one add to the world-building that this slot has to go for it. If you like to be fully engrossed in your surroundings, then this will no doubt be the one for you. There’s plenty of additional features here too that change gameplay up nicely. 

vikings go berzerk

Orient Express Slot Game

Looking to take a ride into solid gold? Look no further than Orient Express, yet another hit from Yggdrasil Gaming, a slot games UK that puts you on the right track indeed. If you know your history then you’ll know of the relevance of such a beast — well this slot puts you smack dab in the middle of a time where this train was considered a wonder of the world. The visuals found in this one are incredibly striking, one for history buffs.

Gem Rocks - UK Casino Game

A slot that goes against the grain so to speak, Gem Rocks is an online slot that marches to the sound of its own rock-filled drum. If you are looking for a slot with a tonne of character and personality, then this one will no doubt be the one for you for obvious reasons. Not only does Gem Rocks make you care about these rock creatures, but it can also make you a lot of coin if you let it. There are around 243 different combinations to try win from, go see how many you can get…

gem rocks

Double Dragons Casino Slot

One of the more popular offerings from the developer, Double Dragons gives you plenty of chances to come away victorious despite the danger that presents itself with every spin you partake in. Just one dragon is enough to contend with, so imagine having to fend off a pair of them… There are two dragons here as they are protecting a massive treasure, the same treasure that you will be taking from every time you are successful on these reels.