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Finding Online Slot Machines with Free Spins 2022

Finding Online Slot Machines with Free Spins 2022

Slot machines have completely revolutionised the gaming industry as we know it, becoming one of the leading industries in entertainment, constantly nipping at the heels of video games and other interactive experiences! Why they are so popular right now is another question for another day as there are simply too many answers to such a large question, but one thing’s for sure, it definitely has something to do with bonus features such as free spins. 

What are Free Spins Slot Machines?

Let’s begin by educating those who aren’t 100% sure on what a free spin even is before we go into some of the many titles that have them implemented within. Free spins are bonuses that you’ll find in most modern-day slots, a bonus that is often unlocked via the matching of scatter symbols on the reels in blocks of three or more! If you care about making money in any online game then you will want to utilise free spins in some form, trust us! 

In some very rare occasions, wilds can be used to earn free spins, although in our experience it appears to be the scatter that work as the keys directly. Free spins are valuable in that they will come with multipliers, multipliers that will increase scores — and as a result of that, payouts — tenfold if you can take advantage of them as often as possible! 

Taking advantage of free spins is incredibly advantageous to strategies that revolve around making the most money possible in the shortest time frame possible since they are relatively easy to access! Scatters and wild icons you’ll find constantly as you spin. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing a classic fruity, to a complicated cluster slot machine, we can almost guarantee there will be free spins waiting for you! 

What’s the catch? 

There is no catch to taking advantage of free spins at all, in fact we’d call you daft if you even asked that question! If you want to really reap the rewards of free spins then we’d have to recommend you play on much higher bet amounts, doing this will increase how much money you’ll be earning with every successful spin. Playing for fun is cool too, but, you know, it’s not the same as increasing the amount of cash you’ve got lining your pockets is it? 

So which slot machine games don’t have free spins? 

It can be quite difficult to find slot machines out right now that don’t have some sort of free game/mini-game element involved. The only slots that come to mind right now are classic fruity’s that might have just say missed the boat on this feature, but still, the number of slots that fall into that category are pretty minimal. Enough talk, here is a list of slots that all come with a free game element: 

Starburst Slot Machine

One of the most known names in the Net Entertainment catalogue, Starburst is a slot that comes with the three main features you need to make a sweet online slot machine! Starburst has wilds, scatters and free spins for you to take advantage of. Free spins here will multiply your scores up to x50 depending on how lucky you happen to be. Because Starburst is an incredibly simple slot to get a hang of, we’d recommend playing with more money on your spins, that’s if you’re up for it that is…

Chilli Heat

Anyone up for a spicy slot with a spicy free spins bonus attached? In Chilli Heat you are given all the tools in the world to become an aspiring spice tester through countless bonuses! Chilli Heat is the sort of slot that is best played when you have plenty of time on your hands since the bonuses here are so fortuitous. Free games will be the best way of coming out on top here, don’t believe us? Why don’t you put them Scoville’s to the test? 

Tree of Riches 

 One of the better slots within the Asian culture scene, Tree of Riches is yet another slot that you will be able to shake for hours to see what comes loose. Free games in Tree of Riches are constant, so constant that we recorded at least one free spin with every five spins max. Again, this is the sort of slot that you should be checking out on higher bet amounts to fully soak in the rewards — wilds and scatters will be just as constant too by the way here! 

Aloha Cluster Pays

Our personal favourite online slot games and definitely one that a few of you out there might have passed on due to how difficult it can be at times. Aloha Cluster Pays is the sort of slot that separates the men from the boys — or the women from the girls #2019. If you’ve never played a cluster slot before then get ready… This paradise island will erupt in a fit of rage if you can best it, so try to mash as many bonus icons as possible in your winning combinations and you’ll be set for life! 

Aloha Cluster Pays Logo Slot

Rainbow Riches

The one and only Irish-themed slot machine to make our list here, Rainbow Riches is definitely up there when it comes to the cream of the crop of shamrock games! Like every other slot in our list here — you guessed it — Rainbow Riches comes chocked with bonus, the best of them comes via free spins that will cause your scores to rainbow themselves! It’s a thing of beauty watching this slot glow when you’re coming out on top with wins the size of mountains — play now and you’ll see what we mean!