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Online Slot Tips

Online Slot Tips

5 Tips For Online Slots That Everyone Should Read

Online gambling slots have accumulated such immense popularity that has resulted in numerous digitally published articles with tips and tricks by people who have zero knowledge on the matters or others with sufficient knowledge but with little integrity. What we will attempt to do here is avoid making a ‘how to win’ guide that will reiterate the same misconceptions spread across the Internet on how to win online slot games and how to ‘trick’ the casino providers; instead we will offer my insights on how to go out and about enjoying online slots and if you get lucky you may also make some cash.

Finding the Right Casino Advice

There are so many different deposit bonuses available online due to increased competition in the online casino industry – which can only be of benefit to the customers, meaning you. The industry is booming and this is because the casino usually wins over players, thus, they are doing their best to attract the largest possible number of players.

What can you get out of it? Look all across the Internet to identify the most appropriate offer for you! Most common ones include free spins bonus, extra perks, competitions or bonus money with your first deposit. Personally, we consider the bonus money the best offer in the market, but this can vary from site to site; the best ones offer a 100% bonus for up to £300, while in the past there were up to £600.

Another important aspect when deciding on the casino of your choice is to make sure that it is an approved one by an official body.

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Slot Games - Terms and Conditions Apply

Everyone talks about this lately but most people rarely go through the contracts they are signing on the digital sphere – which is logical, since it would consume most of our time online. However, when it comes to depositing money, taking advantage of the bonus offers or withdrawing money it is extremely important to do so.

Here, we will focus on the wagering requirements mentioned in the terms and conditions of the bonus offers, which most people forget to mention when they are advertising the various casino offers. What this refers to is the amount of money you must win when gambling your original deposit in order to be able to withdraw the prize. Our online slots tip guide can help you out with this.

To highlight the importance of the above let’s say that the casino has rewarded you with £60 bonus, while you made a deposit of £20 and the wagering requirement is 5x.

This would mean: 60 (casino bonus) x 5 (wagering requirement) = £300.

If you also include your initial deposit of £20 you will have to wager £400 before being allowed to turn the bonus into real money. This may sound disappointing but it is better to be aware before investing your cash so you can get informed about the actual offer of each casino and not with what it appears to be.

High and Low Volatility Slot - Essential Tips

To put it simply this term refers to how often a slot machine pays the player; however, it is never as simple as that.

A slot machine with high volatility tends to pay frequently but relatively small prizes to the player – making it ideal for players who don’t want to invest a lot of money but still want to enjoy their time. These are usually slot machines with many rows and pay lines, so if you are into that you now know what slot machines to look for.

On the other hand, slot machines with low volatility tend to pay less often but when they do the rewards are much higher. Classic examples of this can be identified in the traditional fruit slot machines, which had a massive pay out even for a 3-symbol combination.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that volatility is independent of RTP and RNG that we will discuss further below.

RNG and RTP role in Beating Online Slots

Another factor dictating (or more accurately randomising it) the pay out and pay rate of each slot machine is the Random Number generator. This tool is the evidence that casinos are not able to trick people or steal their money on purpose – since they have an algorithm which asserts that each spin is unique to the one that preceded it and so on.

The Return to Player rate is the tool that can be used by casinos to rip their players off, but you that are aware of it will be extra careful in the future. Each slot game has a specific RTP, meaning the percentage of money that it returns to players – so next time check this out before you decide on ‘whereabouts’ you are going to be spending your leisure time.

Online Slot Tips

Online Casino Games - Graphics, Music and Pay Lines

The aforementioned facts are the most important in terms of investing your money in the safest slot choice. However, people play slot games to also have fun, so there are certainly other factors to consider, like graphics and music.

Slot games today can be grouped in numerous categories since there is a huge variety of them apparent; however, we will try summarise them here in three main categories:

  • Classic – include slot games reworked, but still based on the classic ones – such as fruit slot games
  • Themed – these follow trends set by movies, songs, video games or contexts – such as Oriental, Christmas or Batman slot games
  • Futuristic – there is a huge variety of these on online casinos and websites, since the digital world is capable of putting a potential future into perspective through creativity and vision.

Most games are also accompanied by a musical background which makes them much more lively and offer players a truly immersive experience. If you have picked a themed or futuristic slot game you shouldn’t miss out by muting the sound that the developers have worked so hard to provide you.

Lastly, the variety of pay lines available is vast and it is entirely dependent on you and the money that you would like to win. However, before you start betting make sure that you check how much you will be paying with each spin, since this can differ based on the number of pay lines that you have selected. Head to Wizard Slots to find online slots games here.