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Online Slots Tips and Strategies

Online Slots Tips and Strategies

Looking for the most popular online slots which have the best odds is one sure way of massively increasing the likelihood of winning and winning larger amounts of money.  But there is a little more to winning than that, and even if you aren’t a pro player, you do still have it within your power to change your odds when playing on slots.

Are Slots the Easiest Games to Win?

No. Contrary to popular belief, though slot games appear simple, there is actually a lot more to them than just placing your bet, spinning the reel and hoping for the best.  Yes, they can be that simple if you want them to be so in that respect they are ideal for beginners, but professional gamblers can gain just as much excitement from slot machines by playing them in less luck-based ways. With many different variations on the market today too, you can play jackpot slots, 5 reel games and many more.

In the online world, there is no such thing as a “loose slot” but there is a way to increase your likelihood of winning and this is to check the payout frequency.  On all sites, though you may have to look around for it, there should be information as to the frequency rate at which the machines pay out to players.  Making comparisons between a couple of slots on different sites will give you a good indication as to whether you are making a good decision, irrelevant to what the fruit machines look like in their aesthetic nature.

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Are the Brightest Slots the Best Slots?

Not necessarily.  When the machines are bright, flashing, loud with enticing themes such as racing slots, they have been designed to draw you into playing on them.  They use a very specific type of psychology where you can often and easily be tricked into thinking that because they look high-end and expensive, that they must, therefore, pay well.  This is usually quite the opposite in fact.

If you have been drawn to the all singing, all dancing machines and have seen little or no payout, then it is probably a good idea to move on to another slot games and play on slots elsewhere.  Remember that random number generators or RNGs are used to create winning lines on slots, so please don’t think that the more money you spend on one particular machine will increase your likelihood of winning and winning big, just because of the amount of money, time and effort you have spent playing on it. It makes absolutely no difference at all to the slots who is playing due to the RNG.  You are basically a new player every time to the reel spins. However, you might be able to find some more useful tips to win at online slots here.

Getting the Most out of Slots

You may already be aware that there are frequent offers promoting slot machines entitling you to free slot spins which can be a great way to gather some extra credit without having to make any deposit.  Sometimes a deposit is required in order for you to gain the free spins, though other times it is not.  If you want to make the most of slot machines then look for sites offering no deposit free spins.

Alternatively, there are sites offering welcome promotion packages of no deposit bonuses which can be used on the slots.  This means that you do not have to deposit any money, but in effect get free money for putting towards free spins in whatever way you would like.  This would enable you to either put lots of smaller bets on to increase the amount of spins you would receive in exchange for your money or would mean that you could increase your bet substantially, which, yes, would limit your number of spins, but would give you a much greater windfall should you hit the jackpot.

If you are a frequent player, do not think that promotions are off limits to you.  There are many popular gaming sites that promoting bonus offers to their long-standing members, too.  These can include a reload bonus or free spins to give you a boost.  These are advertised on the specific site/s you use as well as being included in emails you receive from those sites, so be sure to give them a read, as they can be impressively generous in their offers by means of a thank you for your loyalty to their site.

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What are the Best Slots to Play?

The question of the best slots is often a matter of opinion.  Some want speed, auto-play and specific themes, whilst others are happier for the process of each spin to take a little longer as the payout could be better.  Whatever is more important to you, there are slots appropriate for your needs.  Currently at the top of their game are Lost Relics, Bonanza, and Jungle Books.

Lost Relics is a year old, Ancient Civilisation themed slot game with a 96.3% player return.  Popular for its aesthetic, the fun behind the creation and the winnings it creates, the Lost Relics slots can see players win 60,000 coins in just one spin.

In to its third year of play, Bonanza also has an impressive return to player rate of 96.5%.  Themed around mining for gold, that’s exactly what you will be doing when you play this slot machine along with thousands of other players as it is one of the most popular online games.  With the ability to win twice as much as playing on Lost Relics, there is no wonder players are excited by the prospect of being able to win 120,000, even when they have never used a slot machine in their lives.

Book of Dead offers players a 96.21% return rate which is just one of the reasons it has remained popular for the last couple of years.  It is also favoured for its high variance, 10 differing pay lines, 5 reels and the ability for players to be able to win a maximum of 250,000 in one session.  This Egyptian themed slots game is very enticing, though it doesn’t only look good, its payout is impressive, too. For more similar Egyptian games be sure to check out Ancient Egypt slot.

So, now you’ve learned more about slot machines, tips and strategies, which site are you going to play on next?