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Plinko Gambling Game UK – Play Plinko Ball Drop Game Online

Plinko Gambling Game UK – Play Plinko Ball Drop Game Online

Plinko is a popular game modelled from the classic 70’s American TV show game called ‘The Price is Right’, Plinko is bringing nostalgia in the form of an online slot game.

In this Wizard Slots blog post, we will discuss the ins and outs of the Plinko gambling game, including how to play it and highlight the unique, and novel entertainment it can provide to online slot gaming.

PlinkoPlinko Go

What Is The Plinko Gambling Game?

The Plinko gambling game is an online variant of the popular game. It is another instant win-style gambling game where players must drop balls from the top of a pinned board to the bottom. The board is made of pins organised in the shape of a pyramid.

While travelling to the bottom, the ball will pass this maze of pins and may land in one of the slots at the bottom. Each slot has a different corresponding value with various possible multipliers

Some Plinko games may allow you to increase or lower the difficulty of the game by adjusting the number of pins you want to play with. Some games may also allow you to choose between Low, Medium, or High levels, as seen in the Plinko Dare2Win game by Hacksaw Gaming. 

How To Play Plinko Ball Drop Gambling Game

While there won’t be a happy crowd cheering you on when you play the Plinko game, the interface can be fairly simple and user-friendly. 

To begin playing Plinko online, you need to have an account with Wizard Slots. To create one, you can click on the ‘Join Now’ button and follow the prompts. 

Once the game has loaded, you may place your stake using the Stake buttons, or the Plus or Minus Bet buttons, depending on the Plinko game. 

The stake sizes may vary. For instance, the Plinko game created by BGaming offers stake sizes ranging between £0.10 and up to £100 per drop ball. 

Then, you can choose the difficulty level you want, if available. To drop the ball, click on either the Spin button or the coloured buttons below the grid.

If the Plinko game you are playing has different coloured buttons, they may represent different multipliers or volatility levels. For example, some online Plinko games may offer the following;

  • Green = Low volatility. If you click the Green button, you will receive a green ball, and the prize potential is slightly lower. This ball usually offers the lowest possible prize multiplier out of the rest.
  • Yellow = Medium volatility. Clicking the Yellow button will drop a yellow ball with a chance of landing on the mid-multiplier prizes. The highest position this ball could land on typically offers a stake multiplier higher than the Green button, but lower than the Red button.
  • Red = High volatility. The Red button releases a red ball and offers the highest multiplier payout potential of all three. However, it is also the only ball that has the potential of landing on a zero tile, meaning there is a chance you may not receive any prize at all.

However, depending on the Plinko variation you are playing, the above buttons may not be offered. You can generally refer to the specific Plinko game rules or paytable to learn more.

Play Plinko Casino Game For Real Money

Want to experience the fun Plinko can bring to players? You can play the Plinko casino game for real money online at Wizard Slots. Wizard Slots offers two Plinko gambling games - Plinko Go and Plinko Dare2Win.

Plinko Go

Plinko Go was created by 1X2 Gaming and offers a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 92%. It also has a max potential win worth up to 420x your stake. 

The stake options range between £0.10 up to £4 per game round. The pyramid rows are between 8 and 14. You can also choose to play with either Low, Medium or High volatility.

Plinko Dare2Win

Plinko Dare2Win is Hacksaw Gamings version of the entertaining game. It offers a top potential prize of up to 3,623x your stake, and has a RTP rate of 94.3%. It also offers Low, Medium, or High volatility levels and contains between 8 and 16 rows. 

Wizard Slots offers these Pinko gambling games and many other instant win and casino games you may fancy, including top online slots, roulette, poker, baccarat or blackjack. 

If you don’t already have a Wizard Slots account, you can quickly create one by selecting the ‘Join Now’ button from the home page. Once your account has been created, you will then have access to over 1,500+ casino games to choose from!

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins, etc.) mentioned in relation to these slot games are subject to change at any time.