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Slot Secrets Every Gambler Needs To Know

Slot Secrets Every Gambler Needs To Know

To gamble and always find a way to win on slots - that’s the dream. If wishes were horses, then every gambler would walk out of a casino with a bag of money. While there’s no magic recipe to help you win every time you go to your favourite casino or slots play, there are a few things you could learn to help you become a smarter gambler.  

Casinos usually appear straightforward- buy chips/deposit money, use your skills to gamble wisely and then walk out richer, right? That’s usually the case, but there are so many other things which happen among all those activities. Check out some of the slot secrets you need to know, whether you’re a beginner or professional, below:

Don’t Trust Every Player Review You Read 

There are thousands of reviews online, but not all of them can be helpful no matter how honest they are. If you do look at reviews, make sure you’re looking at some of the most recent ones. Consider that these reviews are purely out of opinion and not facts. Just because it didn’t happen for someone else doesn’t mean that that has to be your fate too. Check out these slot games and experience winning first-hand.

Past Outcomes Do Not Dictate The Now 

This philosophy is popular in the corporate world, but also holds true in casino slot reviews and volatility estimates. Past results cannot be used to predict future performance, this is one of our top slot tips. A particular slot game could have been known for paying out punter after punter 3 years ago, but there’s no guarantee it will pay you if you play it today. This is solely because every win is random and all of it is based on pure luck. Find out more from this guide on how to get a better winning rate.

Casinos Change Slot Machine Odds At Will  

Casinos don’t usually like to do this because it’s a tedious process thanks to all the intricate designs and game regulations. Games not in use are usually removed from service, but a really good reason. If it’s not making money, there’s no use having it occupying floor space. 

In cases like slot machine tournaments, casino employees usually prepare by setting up the games. Slot machines are reprogrammed such that no prize rewards come from the machines. Another example is where casinos in a particular region offer a higher RTP as compared to those in more popular locations like Vegas. 

Is There A Right Way to Gamble on Slot Games? 

The answer is no. There’s going to be books, videos, guides, etc. all promising to show you how, but the truth is slot machine results are always random and unpredictable. Just because a machine is coughing up win after win today, doesn’t mean it will do the same tomorrow. 

Instead of worrying too much about scoring a win, concentrate on managing your money instead. You don’t have to lose confidence or go low risk if you don’t want to. It just means you are being smart about your choices. 

Betting Tips

You don’t always need to win to prove your prowess at the slots. It’s not possible to predict how a slot behaves, but it is possible to control how you play to win at slots. 

Here are a few techniques you may consider;  

  • Play only the smallest possible bets
  • Play only the maximum possible bets 
  • Commit to leaving a game after you win or lose a certain percentage
  • Commit to leaving a game after a certain amount of time has passed 

These money management tips are exercised by even the savviest slot game players. Your chances of winning won’t change. A disciplined gambler will more likely leave the slot with more money than an undisciplined player. 

Don’t Record Your Slot Game Jackpot 

Some players like to film their results while playing for keepsakes. You’ll find lots of videos on where players have shared their jackpot experiences. Casinos don’t allow this practice and may ask you to stop doing it. If they do, do not resist or take offence because they’re just protecting their interests and other gamblers as well.  

In 2016, a Russian gang managed to crack the random number algorithm generated on an old progressive jackpot slot that was still popular among punters. The gang purchased old video slot game machines and tailored them to provide random number generators. They went a step further and built a supercomputer which analyzed slot game video recordings. Very many casinos have been affected while others warned of this kind of scheme. Most have already put into place policies that prohibit the recording of games.  

Don’t Bet Money on Extra Games 

Extra games aren’t the same as bonus games. The previous require you to bet extra money while the latter gives you a chance to win extra prizes.The extra games usually come up as an option once you’ve won a prize. Don’t be tempted to try your luck on them because they’re known for paying less often than the regular games do. 

The only way you could try them is if you are curious to see how it works and don’t mind losing money.

Always Keep An Eye On the Total Bet Window 

Look for the tab marked “Total Bet” before you even think of spinning the reels. The title varies among different slot machines. This window usually indicates how much one spin will cost you. Usually, 3 values are used to determine your total bet; 

  • The number of coins per bet
  • Number of active win lines
  • Coin value 

Sometimes the player before you could have left the setting on Max Bet which can cause you to spend more money than intended. 

What are some of the slot machine secrets that you know? These ones might have not been as obvious to many gamblers out there as you’d think. To make the experience easier for you and your favourite gambling mate, make sure you enlighten everyone you know about the info discussed here. You’d have to be really terrible at keeping a secret though.