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Blackjack Bet Behind Strategy: What Does Bet Behind Mean?

Blackjack Bet Behind Strategy: What Does Bet Behind Mean?

Live blackjack has been one of the best online casino inventions. When players wanted to play blackjack, but the tables were full, they would have to find a different blackjack table game or wait for a space to be available. 

However, live blackjack introduced a unique feature where a player could bet on another player's hand instead of waiting in the lobby for a space to be available. 

This betting feature is called a Bet Behind strategy. In this blog post, we explore what a Bet Behind strategy is, how it works, and when you can use it. 

What Does Bet Behind Mean In Blackjack?

The Bet Behind feature in blackjack means that you have a chance to take part in the game while not actively participating at all. You can also play this side bet even if you have a seat, depending on the casino.

So, that means a Bet Behind side bet in blackjack may be a way for players to enhance their gameplay or improve any potential wins. 

For example, let’s say you have a seat at the table. You play your hand. It wins. However, you have also placed a Bet Behind side bet, and it also wins. You may end up with potentially more payout than you would have from your hand alone.

Blackjack Bet Behind Strategy Explained

The Bet Behind feature in blackjack is a side bet that allows you to place a bet on another player’s hand. The blackjack Bet Behind strategy offers players who do not have a seat at the table, or may want to try and get more out of their gameplay, the chance to play the game passively. 

While this betting strategy is popular amongst players with no seat at the table, it can also be utilised by active players. 

In land-based casinos, this strategy is called “back betting.” With the Bet Behind side bet, you may bet on another player’s hand to win or to lose. If your prediction is correct, you win, but if not, you lose. However, most casinos may award a payout on a Bet Behind side bet only if the hand wins, not on your prediction of the hand’s outcome

Some casinos may encourage the Bet Behind strategy by labelling other players as being on a “hot streak”, meaning their hands have been winning for a while. But, as you know, it is hard to predict which player will win in blackjack, so if you come across this suggestion, take it with a grain of salt.

Is Betting Behind Worth It? 

The answer to this question depends on your preferences and your goals. To help you decide if it is worth it or not, we will list some of its advantages and disadvantages, and you can decide for yourself:


  1. No more waiting for a table: Before the Bet Behind strategy, live blackjack players without a seat would have to wait in the lobby or find another table to play blackjack. However, with the introduction of the Bet Behind side bet, players no longer have to wait to participate in blackjack.
  2. Payout potential: This side bet can offer its players a handsome payout potential without directly participating in the game. You do not have to decide what hands to play or move to make, but you can still win something if your bet wins.
  3. Can improve your skill: This side bet is not limited to players without a seat on the table. You can play it even if there is an open seat, but you want to watch other players to improve your skills. 
  4. Low betting stakes: Typically, the Bet Behind strategy is playable with low minimum stakes. Sometimes, these stakes can be lower than the table's minimum stake. So, if you do not want to, or cannot afford to play the table's minimum stakes, you may potentially make the Bet Behind side bet instead, depending on the casino.
  5. Enhance your gameplay: If you do have a seat on the table, you can still place a Bet Behind side bet to potentially make the game more entertaining and improve your chances of potentially earning a handsome payout.


  1. No decision making: When placing a Bet Behind side bet, you have no control over how the other player plays their cards. You cannot make decisions for them, so you cannot control how the hand plays out.
  2. Passive gameplay: A Bet Behind side bet means you are not an active participant in the game. You are not playing the game; you are only betting on the outcome of another player.
  3. Limited availability: This side bet may not be available in all live blackjack tables or casinos. So, while most licensed casinos may have live blackjack games on offer, not all of them may offer the Bet Behind side bet.

When Should You Bet Behind In Blackjack?

When to place a Bet Behind bet is a personal choice. It was initially created for players who wanted to join in on a table but had no seats, so instead of waiting in the lobby, they could still be part of the game without actually playing.

However, it has since been made available for active players in the games, not just by-watchers. Therefore, you can make a Bet Behind bet if the live blackjack game you want to join is full. You can also make this bet as an active player and place a bet on another player’s hand to potentially increase your chances of winning, even if it is not your hand that wins.

The latter may give its players the illusion that they have been met with a win/win situation because while they may have lost their hand, they won on someone else. Of course, this is only an illusion because a loss is a loss.


A blackjack Bet Behind strategy may be an excellent side bet for players who want to potentially increase their winning opportunities or participate in a game they would have otherwise missed out on.

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