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What Does 777 on a Slot Machine Mean?

What Does 777 on a Slot Machine Mean?

If you’re anything like us, perhaps you’ve wondered what 777 on a slot machine means. Surprisingly, it isn’t a random number. Instead, there’s a meaning behind each slot symbol, so we’ll examine the history behind 777 symbols below.

777 Slot Machine Symbol Explained

Numbers hold different significance for a lot of communities around the world. The meaning behind 7 is all around us. For example;

  • We have 7 holes around our heads.
  • There are also 7 oceans.
  • There are 7 wonders of the world.

So, what about 777? In religious circles, some believers hold 777 as a holy symbol. They associate it with purity and luck.

The Greek philosopher Pythagoras said perfect things come in 3’s. Therefore, 3 is also a unique number throughout history. Sometimes 7’s can appear in singles, doubles, or triples. Usually, a 777 symbol can trigger a potentially high payout if it features in a winning spin.

Best 777 Casino Slots

Below you can find a few online gambling slots that offer a 7 or 777 symbol;

777 Slots Symbol FAQs

You can find the most frequently asked questions about 777 slots below.

Where can I find 777 symbols in slots?

777 symbols tend to be most common in classic fruit machine slots.

When did slots start using 777 symbols?

The first slot machines didn’t have 777 symbols. These came about around the 1900s.

Why do slots use 777 symbols?

Slots use 777 symbols to indicate a potentially high payout. For example, a winning combination could land, including three 7 symbols.

Can 777 symbols unlock a special bonus?

Yes, 777 symbols have the potential to unlock bonus features in a few slot games. For example, 777 could serve as a special wild symbol in some online slots.

What value do 777 symbols have?

Sometimes, 777 symbols can trigger the highest payouts among the base game symbols, depending on the game.

What Does 777 Mean on a Slot Machine?

777 can be a winning combination comprising 3, 7 symbols. 777 can also act as a symbol on its own. You can read the paytable and game rules to see for more information on a specific slot game.

Did The First Slot Machine Say 777?

The first fruit machines had card deck symbols only. 777 symbols didn’t appear in slots until around the 1900s.

Which Slots Have 777 Symbols?

777 symbols mostly appear in fruit machine slots. They’re typically a regular occurrence in classic reels, but are also gaining popularity across modern slots with several ways to potentially win.


Now that you know what 777 on a slot machine could mean, it’s easier to understand the history behind the symbol. Check out the range of 777 slot games we have at Wizard Slots pay by mobile casino.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.