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Can AI Predict Casino Games? AI Betting & Gambling Bots

Can AI Predict Casino Games? AI Betting & Gambling Bots

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is one of the most sophisticated pieces of technology in modern times. It’s used in a range of industries, from robotics, to image recognition, data processing, etc., and can help to improve efficiency and automate processes. Some AI systems can learn from their environment, pick up patterns and assess data.

Lately, many punters have wondered, ‘Can AI predict casino games?’. We’ll explore this question in our Wizard Slots blog post below. So, continue reading to find out!

Can You Beat Casino Games With Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence typically functions by collecting past data and observing patterns. It takes seconds for the software to analyse facts before producing results.

Most casino games, on the other hand, use Random Number Generators (RNGs) to produce random outcomes

AI, a program depending on patterns, cannot mix with casino games, an event where randomness is used to produce each outcome. The software cannot beat the house regardless of how skilful it is, as all casino games remain games of chance.

Can AI Predict Casino Games?

No. AI cannot predict casino games. Casino games operate on randomness. Therefore, we don’t know the game’s outcome and can’t use past results to try and predict future outcomes. 

Additionally, since casino games are random, there’s no detectable pattern the system can use to make any valid predictions.

Can AI Beat Blackjack?

We’ve mentioned that AI requires past data to analyse before forming a response. All casino games are chance based, but blackjack can also use an element of skill. Although the objective is simple; to try and hit 21 and beat the dealer without going over, it can help to understand basic rules and strategy before playing.

Of course, AI can read through the rules and “know” the game, but the system wouldn’t be as competent enough to “beat blackjack”. In addition, a range of outcomes can occur in the game, e.g., a tie, dealer’s 21, or player’s 21. Artificial Intelligence likes to consider historical facts, past results, etc., but these wouldn’t count in blackjack, where any outcome is possible.

Can AI Beat Poker?

Poker can also have an element of skill, like blackjack. However, this popular casino game is also random. As you know, AI doesn’t do random. It requires past data to draw a response.

Poker usually follows a given set of rules. A dealer must shuffle the cards before dealing in a poker game. When you play poker online, some versions may also use a RNG to do the shuffling.

Shuffling is necessary to achieve a randomised deck. Artificial Intelligence cannot predict the cards in the deck because there is no pattern to detect. The RNG is a complex mathematical algorithm that can produce random outcomes in each round.

Can You Use AI In a Casino?

Using AI in a casino would seemingly give some players an advantage over others. Therefore, it’s considered cheating. That would not only be unfair but could also potentially affect the house edge negatively.

In addition, using AI is pointless because the system cannot help you beat casino games. It cannot detect randomness, which is a key component of casino and slot games.

Why You Should Avoid AI Gambling Bots

Gambling bots, or betting bots, are scripts meant to perform a given set of actions on an online casino website. They can function without human input.

You might find them sold on some scam websites with the promise of guaranteed wins. Many players have fallen for the scam, forgetting that casino games are random, and AI cannot generate responses for random events.