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Slot Machine Etiquette (& What Not To Do on Slot Machines)

Slot Machine Etiquette (& What Not To Do on Slot Machines)

Visiting an online casino should be about more than just having fun and getting entertained. In the course of enjoying yourself, take care not to be a distraction to other punters. Below we've prepared a guide on slot machine etiquette to help you know what not to do on slot machines.

Don't Lurk Over Machines

Lurking over slot machines is when players hover around other players waiting for them to finish playing their slots. It's considered a rude habit since you're disrespecting the other gambler's space and time.

Lurkers like to wait at machines that haven't paid out in a while. They mistakenly believe that the game is due for a payout. Instead of waiting around for a machine, consider asking the players if they could let you know when they stop playing.

Keep It Clean

One cardinal rule of playing slot machines is to maintain cleanliness. Don't spill drinks or food in the slot machine area. In addition, remember to collect your ashes and put them in an ashtray instead of on the floor. Try to leave it as clean as you found it.

Be Polite To Casino Staff & Other Players

Everyone wants to come to the casino for fun, so don't be that player who dampens everyone's mood. Be considerate of others instead of being noisy and forcing interactions; you're not the only customer there. 

Another key behaviour you should practise is respecting casino staff. The dealers and servers work to make sure the players are comfortable and enjoying their time. So the least you can do is be polite and respectful.

Avoid Playing Multiple Games at Once

Most casinos are usually packed to capacity on a regular night. Therefore, it wouldn't look good if you were taking up more than one machine playing multiple games. This is especially true if other players are waiting for a slot machine to become available. So, it's a good show of courtesy if you maintain one machine giving other players a chance to enjoy the same games as you. 

In addition, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) bans playing more than one slot game at a time, partly to encourage responsible gambling.

Take Regular Breaks

Taking regular breaks is a strategy you can use to avoid getting tired faster, as well as to help gamble responsibly, as it can provide time to take a step back and clear your head if needs be. 

However, knowing how to signal your break is crucial to taking a break successfully. For example, lean your chair into the slot machine to indicate that you're returning to the game. Most players will recognise the move and know not to disturb your game.

Don't Sit At a Machine Unless You're Playing

Sitting at a machine if you're not playing is bad because it could keep other punters from enjoying the game. Don't sit at a machine if you're not playing, especially if the casino is busy. 

In addition, sitting at a machine during your break is not advisable. Instead, consider getting up and walking around. Alternatively, if you're keeping your friend company, stand next to them instead of taking an empty seat.


Now that you have a better understanding of proper slot machine etiquette, you won't be caught looking like a fool or coming across as disrespectful at the slot machines. With this etiquette guide, you can also help to make it a more pleasurable experience for other players.