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Do All Slot Machines Have The Same or Different Odds?

Do All Slot Machines Have The Same or Different Odds?

When you spin the reels of a casino slot machine, the odds will be the same every time you spin. This is because the random number generator (RNG) determines the outcome. But is there more to a slot’s odds? Do all slot machines have the same odds? Let’s find out!

Do All Slot Machines Have The Same Odds? 

No, slot machines do not have the same odds. All casino slot machine games have different odds! 

One thing players can do to work out the odds of a slot is to look at the payback percentage. You can find out the Return To Player percentage (RTP) by looking at the slot’s paytable. You can find the paytable in a slot by clicking on the information button. The RTP is displayed as a percentage, such as 98%. 

All online slots have a different RTP, but the slots RTP typically ranges from 90% - 99%. The RTP percentage indicates how much of the money taken in by a slot machine it will theoretically pay back to players over time. 

Most online slots have an RTP percentage of between 95% and 98%. You will rarely find slots with an RTP above 98%, but there are a few. The RTP percentage is calculated from a large sample of slot spins, so it is not necessarily the best way to calculate odds if you are only playing for a shorter session. 

The percentage is worked out over millions of spins, so for this to be accurate, you would need to spin a vast number of times for your results to average out to reflect the RTP. Even then, because of the Random Number Generator (RNG), all outcomes are random, and a win is never guaranteed.

As we just mentioned, slot machines use a Random Number Generator (RNG). All slots online are powered by an RNG. An RNG is a small electronic device inside the slot that creates a multitude of number sequences per second. 

Each sequence then corresponds to an outcome on the reels, and the sequence generated at the moment you press spin is the one that determines the outcome for that spin. It would therefore be impossible to predict the odds on what combination of slots symbols will come up on every spin.

Another way you can understand the odds of an online slot is by looking at the hit frequency. The hit frequency refers to how often a mobile slot machine provides a winning combination. To work the hit frequency out, you would need to play thousands of spins to determine how many times you hit a win. Luckily, you don’t have to work this out for yourself. Many slot reviews share those details.

There are strict rules that online casinos must follow to ensure fair play. Before you play slots, make sure the online casino you’re playing in is registered with the UK Gambling Commission to ensure fair and safe gambling.

Which Slot Machines Have Better Odds? 

Online slot players may potentially increase their odds of winning if they choose to play slots with a high RTP. A slot with a high RTP would be anything over the industry average of 96%. The higher the RTP in slots, the more likely a slot machine will potentially payout.

Here are some of the best high RTP slots to play here at Wizard Slots:

  • Rainbow Cash Pots - RTP 96.50% - Rainbow Cash Pots is a 5-reel and 10 payline slot by Inspired Gaming. It has an Irish theme, colourful graphics, and an enchanting soundtrack. Rainbow Cash Pots has a couple of exciting features to potentially unlock. 

There’s a cash collection bonus which can be triggered by finding 6 pots of gold on the reels. Once unlocked, you can potentially win respins and cash prizes. There’s also a sticky wilds feature where wilds can become sticky for potential bigger wins.

  • Double Rainbow - RTP 96.38% - Double Rainbow is a Hacksaw Gaming slot with 7 reels and 6 paylines. It has an exciting unicorn and cloud theme with vibrant rainbow animations. Double Rainbow is a cluster pays slot, which means wins are formed by landing clusters of 5 or more matching symbols. 

Each symbol represents a different colour of the rainbow and has a multiplier attached. There are multiplier clouds, too, which can potentially reward multipliers at random. Double rainbow clouds can potentially reward multipliers of up to 250x, as well as extra spins.

  • Great Rhino - RTP 96.53% - Great Rhino is a Pragmatic Play slot with 5 reels and 20 paylines. This slot has a safari theme, with the rhino being the highest paying symbol, potentially awarding up to 20x your bet.

Great Rhino has a Free Spins bonus feature and a Super Respins feature. Landing 3 or more tree scatter symbols will trigger the Free Spins feature, where you can potentially win up to 10 extra spins. Landing 2 or more stacked rhinos will trigger the Super Respins feature, where there is a chance to win up to 3 respins. Great Rhino also has a top potential jackpot prize available of up to 500x your bet.

Do Slot Machine Odds Change? 

One of the most common misconceptions is that casinos can change the odds of slot machines. Some gamblers believe that casinos change the Return To Player (RTP) percentage for various reasons, such as during busy hours, to generate more interest, or to simply earn more money. None of these things is true.

A casino, land-based or online, cannot change the odds of a slot machine. After several losses in a row, players may believe that a slot machine is rigged. However, no slots in reputable online casinos are rigged. There are many measures put in place to prevent slots from being rigged. 

Online casinos in the UK have to be registered with the UK Gambling Commission and must follow all of their rules and regulations. To ensure these rules are being followed, the Gambling Commission regulates all online casinos they have issued licenses to ensure they are following regulations and providing fair play to all.

There is also a myth that turning the slots volume up to the maximum can change the odds of an online slot. This is also not true. Whether you play on silent, have the volume halfway or have it on full volume, the RTP will always remain the same. You can test this out for yourself and will see that changing the volume has no effect on the slot’s odds!

How Do They Set The Odds on a Slot Machine? 

The RTP of a slot is set by the slot developer. The slot developer will decide the odds of a slot based on a number of factors, including how much it costs to make, what bonus features it offers, and whether there is a jackpot. Branded slots, those based on popular TV shows and movies such as The Goonies, will cost a lot more to make. Therefore, the odds of winning them are likely to be lower.

Slot developers don’t keep the odds a secret from players. It is easy to find the odds of a slot machine. The RTP is clearly displayed as a percentage in the slots paytable or in the description. 

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to these slot games are subject to change at any time.