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Do Slot Machines Have Facial Recognition?

Do Slot Machines Have Facial Recognition?

Some gamblers may be curious about slot machines having facial recognition technology. Facial recognition is a recognition software that runs identification through facial mapping across a number of databases and files.

If a match is made, the system sends an alert to a device, e.g., a computer or mobile phone.

Do Slot Machines Have Facial Recognition?

No. Slot machines do not have facial recognition. Most players believe they do, but it is a myth. The common misconception is that slot machines would have cameras to analyse their ‘favourite’ players, thereby awarding them frequently.

However, this is untrue since slots don’t have cameras and are games of chance. They cannot detect their ‘favourite player’. In addition, they use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to produce unknown results on each spin. So, slot machines cannot reward winning spins at designated times.

Do Casinos Use Facial Recognition?

Casinos may use facial recognition as a security measure to identify potential criminals or banned individuals. If they do, they can alert the authorities immediately. Besides scanning criminals, they can also use their cameras to spot potential cheats, such as card counters in blackjack.

Do Slot Machines Know Who Is Playing?

No. Slot machines don’t know who is playing. So, they cannot favour any players who have been playing the game for a long time. Slot machines treat every spin as a random event

That’s because the Random Number Generator ensures the results on each spin are unpredictable and fair.

Do Slot Machines Have Cameras Inside of Them?

No. Slot machines do not have cameras inside of them. Many people believe they do because of a popular myth spread in gambling circles over the years. The myth is that slot machines have cameras to identify any high rollers or potentially award players with a jackpot after playing for a long time.

However, slot machines do not have cameras inside of them. Casinos might have cameras all over the floor but not inside the machines. If they did, preventing potential malfunctions or damages would probably be easier.

Can Casinos Control Slot Machines Remotely?

Casinos cannot control slot machines remotely. It’s another common myth in casino gaming circles. Casinos merely house the machines and inspect them regularly for potential flaws. The manufacturers and developers are responsible for putting together the machines, which then leave and go to the casinos.

Casinos do not understand the inner workings of a machine to the extent that its developer would. And, if they did, it would be against the law to tamper with the machines.