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Is It Better To Stay On The Same Slot Machine Or Move Around?

Is It Better To Stay On The Same Slot Machine Or Move Around?

Newbies and seasoned players might have wondered whether to stay on the same slot machine or move around. It’s a fair concern for any slot game lover, whether you’re playing at a land-based casino or an online casino like Wizard Slots.

Slot games are usually easy to pick up since they don’t require as much skill as table games. Additionally, casino slots offer a more exciting element to gameplay if developers add a theme or storyline alongside bonus features.

Like most casino games, slots use Random Number Generators (RNGs) to produce each outcome. RNGs generate large quantities of number sequences every second using a complex mathematical algorithm, resulting in a fair and unpredictable outcome. So, each spin on any given slot has the same chance of landing a potential win, but it isn’t guaranteed.

So, does staying on one slot machine or moving around matter? Let’s find out in our article below.

Should You Leave A Slot Machine After Winning?

You can leave a slot machine after winning as long if that is your preference. However, most players believe they should leave a machine after winning because it’s unlikely to pay out again. But, since slot machines use Random Number Generators (RNGs), you cannot predict when or if the slot will pay out again. So, truthfully, leaving a slot machine after winning has no impact on your chances of landing potential wins or losses.

Therefore, since RNGs ensure unpredictable outcomes, we can’t say when or if the machine lands a win again. So, the same machine could also land another winning payout, or it could as well lead to a loss. Each spin is an independent event; the result of one doesn’t affect the outcome of another.

Changing machines has no impact on your future gameplay since slots use RNGs. Therefore you cannot predict the results of your spins.

Do The Same Slot Machines Pay Out?

Slot machines can land you wins, but it’s never a guarantee, thanks to the RNG system. Some players believe that slots with the same RTP will pay out the same way. However, this belief is wrong since slots use Random Number Generators to calculate every outcome.

In addition, if you do land a winning spin, there’s no sure chance you might win again in the future. Why? Because every outcome is unpredictable. That’s why it’s always wise for players to stick within their budget when playing.

Slot machines can reward payouts, but there’s no guarantee that staying on the same game will lead to more winning spins. But again, a previous win doesn’t affect the chances of winning again, as each spin has an equal chance of landing a win.

Should You Stay At The Same Slot Machine Or Move Around?

Earlier, we touched on abandoning winning strategies. You should never depend on winning strategies since slot machines are entirely random. So, staying at the same slot machine or moving around won’t impact your gameplay.

Ultimately, every outcome is random regardless of which slot game you play. So, staying at the same slot or moving around has no impact on your gameplay since each spin is random.


Slot games might require less skill than casino table games, but a little knowledge goes a long way. For example, once players understand how Random Number Generators work, they can never fall for strategies like moving around or staying on one machine to increase their winning odds.

Remember, it’s impossible to predict what slots will do since they use randomness on every spin.