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Crash Gambling - Play The Crash Gambling Game For Real Money

Crash Gambling - Play The Crash Gambling Game For Real Money

Crash gambling is a simple form of an instant-win type of casino game, and is quickly gaining popularity among many casino players. 

Hold out as long as you want in hopes of earning higher possible prizes, or you may opt to cash out as quickly as possible before you ‘Crash’, and lose any potential winnings.

To learn more about these entertaining gambling games, what they are, how they work, and whether or not they are legal in the UK, continue reading this Wizard Slots blog post below.

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What Is Crash Gambling?

Crash gambling is an instant-win game that involves steadily increasing multipliers until you Crash, or cash out. They are also known as Crypto Crash Games, owing to the fact that their system resembles a similar one used in stocks and cryptocurrencies. 

The objective of a Crash game is to try and pick up as many multipliers as possible and cash out before the game crashes.

The higher the multipliers you collect, the higher your potential prize. The entertainment can come from not knowing when the Crash will happen, and the possibility of raking up as many multipliers as possible before the inevitable Crash happens.

Like all gambling games, Crash games are chance-based, and the online variations tend to be built with a Random Number Generator (RNG), which can ensure fair and unpredictable results. To play Crash games, some players believe understanding the rules and gameplay may help.

How Does Crash Gambling Work?

Each Crash gambling game may use a different character, theme, or avatar, but they all essentially work the same. You place a bet, press Play, and watch as your character scales up the grid with an increasing multiplier. 

The objective is to collect whatever multiplier you have gotten before the avatar stops moving, and eventually crashes. If the game crashes before you have cashed out, you lose everything including your initial bet.

So, you must determine the optimal time to cash out before the Crash. The multiplier prizes typically begin from 1x and can be unlimited. That means you have the potential to win big prizes. But, if you fail to cash out in time, you lose your bet and whatever multiplier you have accumulated up until that point.

Crash games are typically multiplayer, meaning you can engage with other players and see how many may be playing. However, this may not be the case with all Crash games. You can refer to the game rules or paytable to learn more about a particular Crash gambling game.

Is Crash Gambling Legal?

Crash gambling is legal in many jurisdictions, including the UK. It is subject to the same regulations and requirements gambling games are, offering a safe and entertaining form of gambling.

Therefore, playing at a licensed and registered casino will not only ensure that you have a safe and well-regulated site to play a Crash game of your choice, but you can also be sure you are playing a legal game.

However, just because Crash gambling games are modelled after cryptocurrency and stocks, it does not mean you can use cryptocurrency to place your bets at UKGC licensed casinos.

All casino games offered at Wizard Slots are real money games.

How To Play Crash Gambling

Below are the basic steps you can follow to get started playing Crash games:

  1. Click the Join Now button to register an account with Wizard Slots online casino and follow the prompts.
  2. Choose a Crash gambling game of your choice from the Slots Games tab.
  3. Launch the game and wait for it to load.
  4. Place your preferred bet between the minimum and maximum stakes available for your selected Crash game. Some games may also have timers. If that is the case, you must place your bet before the time runs out.
  5. Read through the game’s information tab to learn about the game’s rules.
  6. When ready, start the game, and remember to try and cash out before the game crashes. If the game crashes before you cash out any potential wins, you lose everything. But, if you cash out before the Crash, you win an amount equivalent to your bet and the multiplier you received. 
  7. Your potential payout will depend on how much you bet and the total multiplier you had when you cashed out. For example, if you have placed a bet of £1 and cashed out at a 10x multiplier, your potential payout would be £10.

What Are The Odds of Crash Gambling?

The odds of a Crash gambling game depend on the game you are playing. All Crash games are estimated to have around a 3% chance of instantly crashing before you even think about cashing out.

Generally, Crash games offer a 48% chance of winning if you cash out at a multiplier of 2x your stake. However, this may not always be the case.

The higher the multipliers go, the higher your chances of crashing. 

However, the odds of a game are not the only thing that determines your chances of winning when playing this game. You also have to consider the Return to Player (RTP) rate.

But, regardless of the kind of Crash game you are playing, the casino will always have a slight advantage over the players - the house edge.

Understanding RTP and Finding the RTP of a Game

RTP is short for Return to Player. In the gambling industry, the RTP rate is a theoretical value that may indicate the average amount a player may win in return when playing a specific casino game.

It is usually calculated over a long period of time and millions of simulated spins. Some players refer to the RTP to try and decide which games to play. In theory, the higher the RTP, the better the potential rewards. However, as casino games are random in nature, nothing can ever be guaranteed.

The Crash games typically offer an RTP rate between 86% and 99%, depending on the game and casino.

It is usually located on the game’s information page, which you can easily find from its Information tab. Almost all casino games disclose their RTP rates from the information tab, making it slightly easier to find. 

Crash Gambling Biggest Win

Crash gambling games can potentially yield some big wins. This is because some games offer unlimited multipliers!

The biggest recorded Crash gambling win so far was £10,000. Crash gambling games are fairly new, and more and more players are beginning to play them. As the number grows, the biggest win may change and potentially increase.

Can The Crash Game Be Predicted?

No, Crash games cannot be predicted. Like most gambling games, Crash games use a Random Number Generator (RNG) software or chip. This chip or software uses an algorithm that produces random numbers to keep the game unpredictable and fair

There is no strategy or predictions that help you win. It happens at random.

Crash Gambling Strategy: Is There a Proven Way To Win?

No, Crash games have no strategy that can guarantee a win. The outcomes rely on the RNG and are completely random. The game can Crash as quickly as it has started, or it may take a few seconds or even minutes before it crashes. 

If the game does not Crash as quickly as it has started, you may have a better chance of winning if you cash out rather than decide to keep playing.

If you find sites on the internet claiming to know a strategy or two that can help you win, take them with a grain of salt and understand that they are inaccurate and have not been proven to work.

The best way to enjoy a Crash gambling game is to approach it as a form of entertainment rather than a way to make quick money. Please remember to always gamble responsibly.

Play The Crash Gambling Game For Real Money

You can join Wizard Slots casino if you want to play Crash gambling games for real money. You can try a few Crash games, such as Circus Launch or Crashout Fireworks

  • Circus Launch was created by Playtech. It has an RTP rate of 95.99% and a max payout potential of up to 5,000x your stake. It also has an outer space fairground theme, and players can choose 1 of 5 astronaut characters to be their champions as they attempt to collect possible multipliers.
  • Crashout Fireworks is a 1x2Gaming Crash game with a maximum potential win of up to 2,500x your stake. In this game, you shoot a firecracker, watch it go up as the multipliers increase, and then try to press the cash out button before it explodes.

You can play these Crash games and more, including instant win games, table games and slot games online at Wizard Slots casino!

 *All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins, etc.) mentioned in relation to these slot games are subject to change at any time.