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Rainbow Riches Cheats: Can It Be Beaten?

Rainbow Riches Cheats: Can It Be Beaten?

The Rainbow Riches slot game remains one of the most popular ever to land in casinos, known for its exciting features and charming Irish theme. 

As with most popular online slot games, there are people looking for ways to cheat or beat the slot. If that sounds familiar, continue reading this post. We will look at whether it is even possible to beat the Rainbow Riches slot, if there are any cheats and whether or not they work.

Trying to cheat on any casino game is not only near-impossible, but it's never a good idea as it can have severe consequences. So, we will also look at why you should avoid cheats.

What Are Rainbow Riches Cheats?

In the olden days, when slot games consisted of one-armed bandits, punters found inventive ways to trick and cheat slot machines. However, with the creation of modern slots and the incorporation of Random Number Generators (RNG), any possibility of cheating slot games was effectively eliminated. 

However, many punters are still looking for ways to cheat slot games and trick them into triggering a payout. Rainbow Riches cheats are the same - they are methods slot players may use to try and trick the slot game into triggering a payout.

However, this would be impossible and futile to do because of the RNG. This software, or chip for land-based slots, ensures that every sequence of symbols is random and unpredictable, making attempts at cheating useless and impossible.

Rainbow Riches Slot Machine Cheats: Do They Work?

The short answer is no. Rainbow Riches slot machine cheats do not work. As mentioned above, all modern slot games, including Rainbow Riches, are built with RNG software that ensures the slot games produce random results at all times. That means each outcome on each spin is entirely random and cannot be predicted

Even when the reels are not spinning, the RNG is working in the background every second, making it even more unpredictable.

In addition, this software is nearly impossible to trick and is regularly tested to ensure that it maintains a certain standard of randomness.

Why You Should Avoid Rainbow Riches Fruit Machine Cheats

You should avoid Rainbow Riches fruit machine cheats for several reasons, some of which include legal repercussions you could face. Let's look at some of them below:

  • Trying to cheat slot games undermines their integrity. The appeal of slots primarily lies in the fact that they are entirely random, cannot be predicted, and, therefore, fair at all times
  • Cheating or trying to cheat the Rainbow Riches slot game, or any slot game for that matter, is fraudulent. Winning in slot games is designed on randomness, so cheating cancels that out and counts as robbing the casino, which brings us to our third point.
  • If you win slot games and win, you will win real money. And if cheating was used to win, that is stealing and could result in being banned from online casinos and legal consequences.

The best way to play and enjoy the Rainbow Riches Fruit machines is by playing them fairly and ethically and ensuring you respect the casinos' rules, guidelines and terms and conditions

Can You Win On Online Slots Without Cheating?

Yes, you can win when playing online slots without cheating. Although online slot use RNGs to generate symbols, they have the chance of lining up corresponding to the paytable and award payouts.

Throughout the history of modern slots, there have been a number of winners who won big without ever resorting to tricks and cheats. In fact, almost all wins on slot machines have been awarded without any cheating involved. Although winning when playing slot games is not guaranteed, it does not mean it is impossible. 

The Return to Player (RTP) rate may be a great indicator of a slot's payout behaviour. Theoretically, the higher the RTP, the more of the money taken in by a slot game is returned to players. However, this is not guaranteed due to the random nature of slots. 

How Do You Win on Rainbow Riches?

In the Rainbow Riches slot, wins are made by landing a certain number of matching symbols on a payline

For example, winning combinations form if you land 3 or more matching symbols across one of the 20 paylines, starting from left to right. The only exceptions are the Wild symbol and the game logo symbol, which can also award a payout for a 2-of-a-kind combination.

In addition, the additional features in Rainbow Riches slot game, such as Trail features, Pick Me rounds and wheel bonuses, may also provide you with additional potential opportunities to win. However, remember that wins and triggering bonus features are never guaranteed in any slot.


In conclusion, Rainbow Riches cheats are an ineffective, not to mention illegal and fraudulent, way of playing this slot game, and therefore you must avoid them at all times. Additionally, trying to cheat the Rainbow Riches slot game takes away the integrity and fun of playing slot games. 

The same goes for any other slot games too. 

So, instead of trying to cheat the games, play the game fairly and responsibly. And always remember that slot games are a form of entertainment, not a way to make money. So please gamble responsibly and play within your means.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins, etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.